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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 4, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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very little rain left in the state if any. most of the stuff well off to the north and east. take a look at some of the rainfall totals from today. more than an inch and a half most spots. 2 inches of rain today. >> chilly night, mid 40s, other than a few hit and miss showers out to the west, looking much drier tomorrow.
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there will be a hit or miss shower early and breezy throughout the day. we'll get back close to the mid 50s by late in the afternoon. the weekend shaping up to be much drier and sunnier and chilly. a look at when we warm up coming up. kelly. many of you just watched the private practice episode. this week's plot put the attention on a subject that for many is difficult to talk about. in the episode, the world of tough talking dr. charlotte becomes the similar of violent sexual assault, but charlotte suffers in silence. roberto from the crime resource center said others suffer. >> where were you? what were you wearing? and no matter who you are, no one deserves to be violated by crime.
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and so well, tonight, friends and family gathered to remember a teenager who died in a triple shooting halloween night. he was killed sunday night on a foot bridge. his family and the community are mourning, but even more they're desperate for answers.
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. 0 police are still investigating. baltimore city police investigate a murder in the same house. . . firefighters found of a man who had been stabbed. right now police have not identified the victim, and they're looking for any new leads in this case a trish insure held the office for 15 years before losing in september's primary election to a political newcomer greg bernstein. throughout the campaign he argued that jeff me had not been tough enough on criminals.
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>> a city with hundreds of defendants awaiting trial both in custody and out on the street, many with long criminal records, we talked about how the issue of race might affect his job going forward, what he thought about the trial and the three men convicted in connection with ken harris and what he does outside the office. >> the days of defending suspects from the fourth floor overlooking the inner harbor will soon be over. he'll take over the state attorney's office with 225 attorneys, a massive caseload and problems he has only begun to dig into. >> i think that we need to create a different organizational structure in the office that will be more strategic and focused on
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prosecuting these repeat violent offenders. >> some expressed concerns that his election might bring back massive arrest policies. >> do you feel you need to do anything to reach out and reconcile your victory with the african-american community in baltimore city? >> not as far as the percentage of the african-american vote. about 25%. more importantly, i think as i said in the campaign that public safety trance ends race, trance ends socioeconomic status. >> reporter: but the campaign carried strong overtones, office in private, sometimes in public. >> frank hallow way said during the campaign they are trying to steal a seat from us. he is the chief clerk of the circuit court. >> he did say that. he also was one of the first people to call me the next day wanting to congratulate me. >> reporter: his strongest argument against patricia
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jessamy was that under her leadership, conviction rates were far too low. shortly after the primary one of the biggest cases in recent memory came under jessamy's watch. the trial of three men charged with killing ken harris. two got life sentences, the third, 65 years in prison. >> had you ever thought if that conviction had happened before the primary it might have undermined your argument that the problem is in effect a prosecution? >> no, because that's one case. i think you have to look at the entire process and, you know, the data and the statistics, and the conviction rates, which is what we did, and frankly it's one of the reasons why i ran. >> reporter: and his run was successful. now bernstein says he's looking forward to long hours at the courthouse. he says he'll spend time out of the office biking with his wife and watching nba basketball. >> i'll watch the sacramento kings play the houston rockets on a tuesday night in mid- november. it's just i think they're tremendous athletes, and i
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enjoy watching it. >> much more with greg bernstein on abc we added the text of the entire interview, a lot of subjects from how to deal with judges perceived as too lenient to comments on zack bauer's case. kristen shaffer, abc2 news. president obama is dealing with the harsh reality that it will be harder to pass laws with an incoming republican house. he reached out to congressional leaders in both parties inviting them to a simultaneous mitt at the white house later this month. the president says he wants to work with republicans on a number of issues. some high-profile republicans not ready to jump on board. >> our top political over the next two years should be to deny president obama a second term. >> there seems to be some denial on the part of the president and other democrat leaders. you would think that the other party would understand that the american people have clearly
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reput united the policies that they've put forward the last few years. >> the summit will take place november. well, the continuing sprinkof shootings at military related sites around the dc metro area has some folks flashing back to the sniper shootings in 2002. the latest incident took place at a coast guard recruiting station in northern virginia. now all have fit the same pattern. it happened in the middle of the night. no one has been hurt and seems the shooter has some type of problem with the military itself, but not necessarily military personnel. but investigators so far have no suspects and no clear motive. a breakthrough in the fight against lung cancer. ct scans may reduce death from the disease. the national cancer institute announced the finding of a study today, fining that smokers screened by ct scans rather than the conventional
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chest x-ray were less likely to die from lung cancer. >> there is a potty that the american cancer society will recommend this as a screen screening test in the near future. >> until now early detection of lung cancer has been impossible. by the time the patient is symptomatic it is usually too late. started as a promise to a dying sibling. susan g. komen started to find a cure so we could all one day live in a world without breast cancer. more than 25 years later, the organization touched lives around the world. tonight i sat down with nancy brinker. . >> i just knew it had to be effective and very powerful. >> nancy brinker accomplished that and more when she started the susan g. komen breast cancer foundation more than 25 years ago. all in memory of her sister who was diagnosed at 33 and died 3
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years later. >> lived far too short a time and had a very difficult therapy and a very poor out come and wanted the world -- wanted it fixed and didn't want anybody to suffer. >> the affiliate has today dedicated $30 million -- >> recognized komen maryland while in baltimore this afternoon. susan g. komen for the cure is now in more than 120 cities in the u.s. and more than 40 countries around the world. >> it's been a enjoy ration of work. i'll be happier when we can get to the next stage. right now 90% of people diagnosed with breast cancer, 90% are living five years or longer. now we're in a different place.
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we're looking to really understand and overcome triple a breast cancer, the kind of cancers that kill people. >> her newly released memoirs tell her sister's story. >> the thing she feels the best is how approachitable organization is and how much has happened in her name. she would be very honored. but more the intent of what she wanted to happen. >> now nancy brinker still hopes to one day find a cure. but in the short term what she believes she'll find is the end of death from breast cancer. what makes vehicles so vulnerable and why thieves only need a matter of seconds to rack up thousands of dollars in damage. the details coming up next.
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tonight warning you about a gm security flaw that the thieves already know about. it's pushed the cadillac'scalade to the top of america's most didn't other gm suvs getting clobbered by thefts. scott has the exclusive report on how thieves are making off with the big-ticket rides. >> here sits a symbol of elegance and style a 2007 escalade up on blocks, fancy wheels gone, navigation system and radio, gone. shift lever pulled down, window busted out, and rear bumper
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barbed in. day after day, other classy caddies ending up the same way. >> how many times has your escalade been stolen? >> seven. >> seven? >> seven. >> they stole it as easily as they stole clothes out of a store. >> reporter: according to the highway loss data institute, the escalade has the highest theft rate of any vehicle on the road and the average loss per vehicle is among the highest. harold mater investigates car thefts for insurance. >> they found the 8 $10,000 damage to the vehicle . >> reporter: mater says thieves are stealing escalade -- >> that's why they primarily take the escalade. >> the escalade is number one, but its siblings are also being targeted for parts because they believe be ripped off in a flash. in fact, you're about to see one snatched off the street in 14 seconds. how is that possible? you can't steal an escalade or
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virtually any other car by driving them away. that's because the key has a computer chip. and without the key -- >> they're stealing them but not driving them. >> what they do is push them away. they break a window and crawl into the driver's seat. that doesn't set off an alarm. . then they force the gear lever out of park so the suv can be pushed. >> supposed to be locket up here so you can't get it down into neutral. >> our expert says that is a security law. too easy to force it out of park. >> has no steering-wheel lock. if you can push it, you can steer it. >> general motors took that off a few years ago. >> reporter: it can be pushed away. you're about to see how quick and easy it is. that's the tahoe pulling into a parking spot. the driver gets out and walks out of the store. suddenly a man appears followed
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by a pickup truck. watch carefully. the man approaches the pothole. hold it right there. he raises. the pickup truck poles into position. he pushes the tahoe around the corner and heads down the street. >> come down around the corner. you strip. >> the uconn danali, stolen 14 times in 14 months. they got it twice out of his driveway. after the first time he padlocked the gate, but that didn't stop him. >> they took it here at the hinges and pulled the old gate to over here. >> reporter: now he has the hinge sides padlocked, too. he is afraid to drive it and his rates have gone up. remember mary bazell.
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she said her company -- each theft averaged between 10 $15,000. >> they're kind of mad because it cost them thousands and thousands of dollars when gm has the engineers and should have the capacity to solve the problem. >> a cadillac spokesperson told me the company is concerned about security. he says bit by bit, they've been working to tighten up. gm put laminated glass on the windows to slow the thieves down and put locks back on the steering columns. this 2010 escalade was found in the same alley. the front end cut off and the push car sitting next to it with the engine still running. this 2011 danali had a hundred miles on it when it was stolen
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from the eastern market. >> scott, this is a 2010 '11 column out of an escalade. >> harold mater knows why. an insurance company donated the column so mater could find out why the lock is failing. when the car is shut off, the pin pushed up into one of the small locks on the ring. but mater found a weak spot, a piece of metal easily cracked, allowing the thieves to unlock. >> so folks drivingesscolades and dan,lis are still vulnerable. mary f,zell doesn't have to worry anymore. by the way, mary is retired. she put in 32 years at general motors. >> and i felt bad about it because it was a gm product, and i worked for gm father so
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long. it was very disappointing. >> you can't make a car that's impossible to steal, but for thieves time is the enemy. if it takes too long to steal they won't go after it. but when you have a car we can pensive parts that can be gone in 14 seconds that's an attractive target. in detroit scott louis, abc2 news. gm says it has more security improvements in the pipeline for the suvs, but don't want to get into specifics, so what can you do? first of all, park in a well lit area at night; and if you're spending money on an suv, you may want to look into a separate alarm system. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> awesome. >> get the clubs. >> i wonder if that would -- >> i don't know. >> the extended length edition for suvs. >> club on a bigger escalade.
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clearing the rain out. looking much drier, chillier weather for the weekend, but going to get the sunshine back. >> good. >> plus a chance at 60 plus degrees. look outside right now. maryland's most powerful radar clear. a radar site in catonsville, the exclusive site right there, and coming up, a wide view here across the entire state. we've got nothing. we're dry at the moment. now we will see probably a couple more hit or miss showers into the day tomorrow, but not looking bad at all out there now. show you our harbor cam. no rain falling. a nice looking night, feels chilly. 48 degrees winds out of the northwest at 8. a little blustery at times tomorrow. not an incredibly windy day. fans was a wet day. look at the weather net camera downtown. just shower after shower dousing our camera lens there, and a similar scenario as you
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head out to went oak. the rain contributes to that. look at the totals. that's steady rain. an inch and a half columbiaia edge mere, annapolis, chester town center close to an inch and a quarter and an inch and a third, mount airy a big winner at 1.7 inches of rain today. unbelievable. lows this morning around 50. check this out. throughout the entire day, we warmed up a whopping 2 degrees, some cases 1 degree. we climbed 1 degree all day downtown. so, you know, you had some rain cool there when you see something like. that tomorrow an improvement should be back to the mid 50s, still below average. average about 60 this part of november. maybe a little sunshine breaks through from glenwood, and take you up further north, cooler day, closer to 50 there
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tomorrow. for you abington, 03 along the bay. back to the eastern shore, harmony at 57 in graysonville, 56. we do have a little bit of additional rain out there. most of it is now offshore. as you look off to the west, interestingly, looking closely, a couple of purples, a winterly mix down there in southern ohio and some of the higher terrain -- even a few minutes, looked like a wintery mix coming down in far western maryland out toward friendsville and the yak a gainey river. snow mix out there earlier tonight. but the entire storm system, the entire broad circulation moving offshore, you see the center of this thing right over southeastern ohio. the center of our cloud mass at least that's headed out to sea and behind it looking for drier and cooler and breezy weather. tomorrow sunshine comes out and mixes with the clouds. a much sunnier day on saturday. tonight still a few hit and miss showers. tomorrow 55 with early scattered isolated rain, but
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not much. much drier tomorrow night. look how cold, 35 overnight tomorrow night. a quick check of the seven-day forecast showing you temperatures staying chilly through the weekend, mostly 40s and a lot of sunshine, too. kelly? thanks, wyatt.
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this is kevin heights with press becomes sports report. lee west wood closes in with two birdies to post a 6 under 66 in the opening round of the tournament in shanghai. he is one shot behind francesco molinari. tiger woods shoots a 4 under 68. woods can reclaim the spot with the win. martin camer in position if
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they win this week. nichols shot a 3-under 69. sparky anderson died today from complications from dementia. linebacker james harrison is out another $20,000 after he was fined for a late hit on drew brees on sunday. harrison fined 3 times by the nfl this season for a total of $100,000. for the latest sports news check out press
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i've seen my share of heartache if someone has been injured or lost their life due
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break it down, wyatt. >> one last check. maryland's most powerful radar. a little bit of rain left out there. but most of us have seen the last of any kind of steady rain. a few hit or miss showers in the morning. mid 50s drying out tomorrow and sunshine for the weekend. >> okay. we'll need it. that's it for us tonight. back tomorrow.
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